Izhevsk City in Russia

Izhevsk City in Russia

Izhevsk city in Russia is a large industrial city with the population over 600,000 people. It was established in 1760 around an ironwork plant. Now it’s famous as a city where AK-47 is produced and where its creator Mikhail Kalashnikov lived. There are also a lot to see: beautiful churches, like St. Michael’s Cathedral, several parks, an embankment, zoo and much more. Museum of famous composer P.I. Chaikovsky is located in the city of Votkinsk (60 kms from Izhevsk). You may go there by car or bus (single ticket costs about 200 Roubles). If you are interested in nature beauties, you should enjoy the view from Mt. Ural in Sarapul (100 kms from Izhevsk). You may go there by car or bus too (single ticket costs about 160 Roubles). You may go to Kungur Ice Cave (500 kms from Izhevsk), it is really astonishing. To reach this place you may take a car, bus or train (single ticket costs about 500 Roubles). If you want to go to Moscow or St. Petersburg it’s also not a problem, because Izhevsk is well connected with other cities by railway and air. The cost of single ticket is 2500 and 6000 Roubles relatively.

Izhevsk is the scientific and cultural center of the Udmurt Republic. Early on, the state took a leading role in childcare and education. 320 public kindergartens/preschools provide affordable childcare for 32,000 children. 100 public schools provide free general education to over 100,000 Izhevsk students. A wide variety of technical colleges and two-year professional schools award associate degrees, most notably in medical assistance, performing arts and teaching. The Ural department of the Russian Scientific Academy is represented in Izhevsk by several institutions, specializing in physics, applied mechanics and technical sciences, and economics, and the Institute of History, Language and Literature of Udmurtia does the same. Four out of five higher education institutes in the Udmurt Republic are located in Izhevsk: and Izhevsk State Medical Academy, Udmurt State University, Izhevsk State Technical University and Agricultural Academy. Each of these educational institutions admits foreign students.  Izhevsk is a pilot city of the Council of Europe and European Commission Intercultural cities program.

Izhevsk is the most important economic center of the Udmurt Republic, with the majority of financial and industrial activity concentrated in the city. Military industry remains the backbone of the local economy, with a number of enterprises operating in the city. By far the most important of these is Izhmash, which produces small arms and assault rifles popular both in Russia and abroad. The plant also produces motorcycles and automobiles under IZH brand name. The climate of Izhevsk is humid continental with long winters witnessing a temperature up to -15 degrees Centigrade and short summers with maximum temperatures up to +37 degrees Centigrade.

* More details about the beautiful city of Izhevsk can be found on official website of Izhevsk city maintained by city administration. All updates related to the development and plans of city are regularly updated here. 

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