MBBS Fees in Izhevsk State Medical Academy

MBBS Fees in Izhevsk State Medical Academy

The MBBS fees in Izhevsk State Medical Academy as decided by administration for session 2020/21 is as mentioned below :

  • 1st Year Fees : USD 6,000 / INR 3,90,000
  • 2nd-6th Per Year : USD 3,250 / INR 2,11,250
  • Total Fees : USD 22,250 / INR 14,46,250

* Yearly fee includes tuition fee, hostel fee & medical insurance fee.
* 1 USD = INR 65 applied at the time of preparing above MBBS fees structure.
* Amount payable may differ at the time of exchange depending on forex rate.

MBBS Fees in Izhevsk : Calculation

The MBBS fees in Izhevsk is fixed and payable in Russian Rubles only. But, as Russian Ruble is not that easily available at currency exchange firms in many countries (Including India), the MBBS fees for Indian students is converted from Rubles and calculated in US dollars, so as to provide an easy exchange option that is readily available to students here in India. The students can carry the 1st year MBBS fees with themselves and pay directly at university upon arrival. Once the MBBS fees in Izhevsk State Medical University is fixed in US dollars, it does not vary with the daily fluctuating value of Indian Rupee against US Dollar, and the student must carry the exact amount of US Dollars mentioned above in MBBS fee structure table, irrespective of the rate of India Rupee against US Dollar at the time of exchange.

MBBS Fees in Izhevsk : Payment

The MBBS fees in Izhevsk State Medical Academy can be paid through 2 modes i.e. direct payment of full university fees upon arrival in Izhevsk, and the second option being transfer of MBBS fees directly to university’s bank account in Izhevsk through bank from India. If the student wishes to transfer MBBS fees to through bank, then this must be completed well before departure from India and the student must carry the fees transfer slip from bank along with himself/herself. 

* Details of bank account for transfer of fees can be obtained by getting in touch with any of our head offices in India (Lucknow & Delhi) or Russia

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Due to COVID-19, Seat booking and admission process being fulfilled without financial formalities. Appropriate decision will be taken by authorities in future course.

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