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Know about all the Izhevsk updates & blogs here. Everything related to Izhevsk State Medical Academy, Indian students in Izhevsk, Izhevsk city, etc. is posted here regularly to keep you updated. (More updates can be found on the official website of Izhevsk State Medical Academy in Russian as well as English)

Lowest MBBS Fees Medical University in Russia : For Indian Students

March 18, 2020

Lowest MBBS Fees Medical University in Russia (For Indian Students) With the number of universities increasing every year in Russia and other neighboring countries, it really becomes tough for a student to shortlist the best and lowest MBBS fees medical university in Russia. Here in this blog, we will look at the various aspects a student should be well aware of while making his choice of studying MBBS abroad in Russia. Students who have are interested to study MBBS in Russia should first and foremost make sure that they fulfill the eligibility requirement as per the current rules of Indian…