Izhevsk State Medical Academy

About Izhevsk State Medical Academy

Izhevsk State Medical Academy is a one of the leading higher medical education provider in the Russian Federation. The university is proud of it’s highly qualified & skilled teaching staff, renowned researchers and some word famous physicians. ISMA was established in the year 1933 and during the course of these 85+ years, it has produced more than 22,000 doctors. Currently, more than 350 teachers which include 86 Doctors of Medicine & 212 Candidates of Medicine are engaged in providing quality education to students. The university comprises of 52 departments and has more than 25 active clinical bases within the city where students get to acquire clinical skills. As of today, approximately 2,800 students (including foreign students) are pursuing education at Izhevsk.

The university started medical program for international students in 1988 and since then has trained thousands of them from various former Soviet Union countries, Latin America, Asia and Africa. And till date more than 3,000 international students have graduated from Izhevsk State Medical Academy. The university launched English medium MBBS course especially for students from India 2 years ago and has received a very good number of students during these years. The university has agreement with dozens of universities in the European sub continent for local as well as international students. Students can travel to various renowned universities here under the student exchange program provided by Izhevsk State Med. Academy.

History of Izhevsk State Medical Academy

The history & establishment of Izhevsk Medical Academy is inked with the history of Udmurtia Republic & Russian Federation. ISMA was founded in 1933 due to the urgent requirement of a medical need in the then developing Ural & Volga region of Russia. Some of the most renowned & prominent researchers of Russia at that time viz. Prof. VN Parin, Prof. SY Strelkov, Prof. NG Stadnitsky, Prof. BA Chentsov and many others were invited to establish the quality of teaching and lay a solid foundation in scientific research field too. Within a couple of years, Izhevsk not only became a popular teaching & research centre in Udmurt region but in whole of Russian Federation. With the continuous elevation in its teaching quality, it acquired the status of academy in 1995 from its previous institute status.

Izhevsk State Medical Academy Today

Apart from the routine training in various faculties, many fundamental & applied research including scientific and highly qualified specialist training is done in the areas of :

  • Physiology (Prof. LS Isakova)
  • Morphology (Prof. VM Chuchkov, Prof. GV Shumikhina)
  • Endocrinology (Prof. VV Trusov)
  • Family Medicine (Prof. AM Korepanov, Prof. YM Vakhrushev)
  • Cardiology (Prof. NI Maksimov)
  • Paediatrics (Prof. AM Ozhegov, Prof. MK Ermakova)
  • Surgery (Prof. VA Sitnikov, Prof. AY Malchikov)
  • Paediatric Surgery (Prof. VA Bushmelev, Prof. NS Strelkov)
  • Forensics (Prof. VI Viter)
  • Dentistry (Prof. TL Redinova, Prof. EI Deryabin)

Immense research work in the field of : new pharmaceutical substances based on nano-technologies (mechano-activation of pharmaceutical substances); research in biological and medical mechanics & technology with the aim to develop & upgrade medical & biological products; clinical-experimental research on immuno-modulators of cardiovascular diseases in middle & old ages; culturing & adaptation of mesenchymal stem cells; cellular vaccine production in order to correct traumatic injuries of CNS, etc.

* More details can be found onĀ official website of Izhevsk State Medical Academy.