Izhevsk State Medical Academy Students Result

Izhevsk State Medical Academy : Students Result

2019/20 Session

Summer semester attestation 2019

Winter semester attestation 2019

Winter semester attestation 2020

1st Year > 1st Semester Result :

SubjectNameAttendance (Classes)Attendance (Lectures)Credits (Pending/Overall)Exam (+/-)Final MarksComment, If Any
Physical Education
Singh Aastha22 hrs pendingSubject cleared
Husain Afzal12 hrs pendingSubject cleared
Pandey Amit16 hrs pendingSubject cleared
Kesharwani Ayush16 hrs pendingSubject cleared
Prajapati Dheeraj32 hrs pendingSubject cleared
Ganai Sajid Ahmad20 hrs pendingSubject cleared
Ganai Shahid Ahmad14 hrs pendingSubject cleared
Alam Mohammad Samir30 hrs pendingSubject cleared
Chatterjee Ritika28 hrs pendingSubject cleared
Bhardwaj Shivangi22 hrs pendingSubject cleared
Asthana Varun24 hrs pendingSubject cleared
Yadav Pooja Radheshyam26 hrs pendingSubject cleared
Mohammad Ashif24 hrs pendingSubject cleared
Singh AshthaSubject cleared
Husain Afzal13 out of 1310 out of 10Subject cleared
Pandey AmitSubject cleared
Kesharwani AyushSubject cleared
Prajapati DheerajSubject cleared
Ganai Sajid Ahmad11 out of 138 out of 10Subject cleared
Ganai Shahid AhmadSubject cleared
Alam Mohammad Samir7 out of 134 out of 10Subject cleared
Chatterjee RitikaSubject cleared
Bhardwaj ShivangiSubject cleared
Asthana Varun9 out of 136 out of 10Subject cleared
Yadav Pooja RadheshyamSubject cleared
Mohammad Ashif10 out of 138 out of 10Subject cleared
Singh AshthaFull attendanceSubject cleared
Husain AfzalFull attendanceSubject cleared
Pandey AmitFull attendanceSubject cleared
Kesharwani AyushFull attendanceSubject cleared
Prajapati DheerajFull attendanceSubject cleared
Ganai Sajid AhmadFull attendanceSubject cleared
Ganai Shahid AhmadFull attendanceSubject cleared
Alam Mohammad SamirFull attendanceSubject cleared
Chatterjee RitikaFull attendanceSubject cleared
Bhardwaj ShivangiFull attendanceSubject cleared
Asthana VarunFull attendanceSubject cleared
Yadav Pooja RadheshyamFull attendanceSubject cleared
Mohammad AshifFull attendanceSubject cleared
Singh Ashtha09 out of 12Subject cleared
Husain Afzal12 out of 12Subject cleared
Pandey Amit12 out of 12Subject cleared
Kesharwani Ayush12 out of 12Subject cleared
Prajapati Dheeraj08 out of 12Subject cleared
Ganai Sajid Ahmad10 out of 12Subject cleared
Ganai Shahid Ahmad10 out of 12Subject cleared
Alam Mohammad Samir08 out of 12Subject cleared
Chatterjee Ritika8 out of 12Subject cleared
Bhardwaj Shivangi11 out of 12Subject cleared
Asthana Varun10 out of 12Subject cleared
Yadav Pooja Radheshyam09 out of 12Subject cleared
Mohammad Ashif06 out of 12Subject cleared
Physics, Maths
Singh Ashtha5 out of 6
Husain Afzal5 out of 6
Pandey Amit6 out of 6
Kesharwani Ayush6 out of 6
Prajapati Dheeraj3 out of 6
Ganai Sajid Ahmad6 out of 6
Ganai Shahid Ahmad6 out of 6
Alam Mohammad Samir4 out of 6
Chatterjee Ritika4 out of 6
Bhardwaj Shivangi5 out of 6
Asthana Varun4 out of 6
Yadav Pooja Radheshyam5 out of 6
Mohammad Ashif2 out of 6